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Patch Notes - Feb 2020

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Hey Guys,

So we've been hard at working adding / fixing allot of things on GPAY, development has slowed down because we've been working on our new hosting platform which i believe will revolutionize the game hosting industry, however we have managed to take some time to improve the GPAY platform.

here is the list of changes (we've probably missed somethings and will add them later on).

New Features

  • Dark Mode
  • CMS Feature (Will post an article on this closer to release)
  • Setup flow (much easier to setup and lowering the barrier to getting GPAY working)
  • PayPal integration (We have partnered up with PayPal and have setup a brand new PayPal integration flow / system, which will fix all of the issues we have had with automatic refunds, unable to accept payments, transactions not appearing, etc).
  • You can now blacklist PayPal email addresses from making payments


  • Analytics page (You can now change dates)
  • You can now change the context of all pages by changing the active server selected (this will only show things on page that relate to the server selected, e.g transactions will only show ones made on the selected server)
  • Fraud engine (Will post an article on this closer to release)

Bug Fixes

  • <username> showing steam id when commands are set to automatically claim
  • Transactions page showing steam id instead of steam username
  • Chargebacks and refunds will now reflect on GPAY 
  • Transaction fees would show as $1 when on the view transaction page
  • Dashboard / Transactions would always show the $ sign instead of relevant currency of the server

Here are somethings we've done that you probably won't notice (because they're boring frontend / backend changes)

  • Improved our API server, so that it should respond to API calls much quicker
  • Removed useless js files from our frontend
  • Upgrading our Frontend to Boostrap 4
  • Changed our checkout flow so it will generate invoice ids for all transactions (this is progress towards invoice (pdfs), and receipts in a later version)
  • Rewrote our authentication system (this is progress towards allowing multi users per account)
  • Start work on rewriting how we render views (this is progress towards allowing custom domain names)
  • Various security patches to our infrastructure
  • Cloudflare has been enabled across the GPAY network

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