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  1. Hello, I came across an MMORPG game that support for FastSpring (RuneWild.com) . Example: https://gyazo.com/0be27b4cf8cee8cc2e62b816850c8485
  2. Hello, I think it'd be useful for GPAY to offer a custom donation option. Players should be able to click a "custom donation" option on the GPAY store, and enter an amount they'd like to send to the buyer. Merchants should be able to toggle this option on, or off. Many players like to make "custom donations" for "custom items," that are delivered to players in-game from owners, therefore, this would be very convenient for both both buyers and merchants.
  3. Hello, I am requesting that we have a toggle within payment gateway options for PayPal that would allow us merchants to accept payments from verified PayPal accounts. I've seen this on another game payment system too! Why? This would decrease the risk of fraud, and lower the chance of charge backs.
  4. Jesse

    A few suggestions

    It looks like I can't edit my post. Anyways, what I what stress the most is adding payment wall, as a priority and then following it by other payment processors that are available.
  5. Hi, I am a frequent user of GPAY. These suggestions below benefit both GPAY and merchants! 1. Coinbase support 2. Paddle.com support (example below), https://gyazo.com/f004c52add456d78d71fb6ffd2c8f95a 3. A refferal system, I know a few merchants that can use this platform. An incentive referral system would motivate us to advertise GPAY with other game owners! 4. Togglable "sold out" option for items. 5. Paysafe card 6. MDV (Modal View Controller): a system that would allow players to purchase a currency such as 500 gems for $10 which they can spend through the GPAY store. The gems can be stored on their "profile." A player profile which could be created using a username or password via GPAY and respective custom store. Note: the more payment options we have, the better. This will drive revenues for both GPAY, and merchants while increasing convenience for shoppers! Thank You, Jesse
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