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  2. Ever thought about adding a pure donation option? Where the customer can choose how much to pay/donate? And then maybe be able to add a small "Thank you" gift/command for the donation? This would be AWESOME!
  3. Hi, when will you guys be adding a custom domain feature? As I really want to use my domain with gpay! I'll even pay GPay for it I really want this feature I'm willing to pay you personally to add it
  4. Hello, I came across an MMORPG game that support for FastSpring (RuneWild.com) . Example: https://gyazo.com/0be27b4cf8cee8cc2e62b816850c8485
  5. Hello, Before I give further detail on this I want to mention what led to this. I had 3 people who purchased VIP kits from my server, several days later they were banned. I have a no refund policy if you violate a rule and are banned. These guys had really abused the server thus why I banned them- even though they had donated. All three opened a paypal dispute arguing they never ment to make the purchase. I was then tasked with proving to paypal they did indeed intend to make the purchase. This is easy to prove because Gpay is a 2-step process- 1 make the purchase 2- redeem in game (both are shown in the view transaction screen) This is excellent BUT what I could not prove to pay pal was that they were the paypal accounts that made the purchase. 2 of the buyers made a purchase for the same amount as well. Had an email been available to link the two it would of helped a lot with this. See the attached image below to get an idea of what im asking- again its hard to link a person to the purchase when they use paypal because there is no id that links them to it. Thank You, Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or need a it more detail on what im asking.
  6. Hello, I think it'd be useful for GPAY to offer a custom donation option. Players should be able to click a "custom donation" option on the GPAY store, and enter an amount they'd like to send to the buyer. Merchants should be able to toggle this option on, or off. Many players like to make "custom donations" for "custom items," that are delivered to players in-game from owners, therefore, this would be very convenient for both both buyers and merchants.
  7. Hey Guys, So we've been hard at working adding / fixing allot of things on GPAY, development has slowed down because we've been working on our new hosting platform which i believe will revolutionize the game hosting industry, however we have managed to take some time to improve the GPAY platform. here is the list of changes (we've probably missed somethings and will add them later on). New Features Dark Mode CMS Feature (Will post an article on this closer to release) Setup flow (much easier to setup and lowering the barrier to getting GPAY working) PayPal integration (We have partnered up with PayPal and have setup a brand new PayPal integration flow / system, which will fix all of the issues we have had with automatic refunds, unable to accept payments, transactions not appearing, etc). You can now blacklist PayPal email addresses from making payments Improvements Analytics page (You can now change dates) You can now change the context of all pages by changing the active server selected (this will only show things on page that relate to the server selected, e.g transactions will only show ones made on the selected server) Fraud engine (Will post an article on this closer to release) Bug Fixes <username> showing steam id when commands are set to automatically claim Transactions page showing steam id instead of steam username Chargebacks and refunds will now reflect on GPAY Transaction fees would show as $1 when on the view transaction page Dashboard / Transactions would always show the $ sign instead of relevant currency of the server Here are somethings we've done that you probably won't notice (because they're boring frontend / backend changes) Improved our API server, so that it should respond to API calls much quicker Removed useless js files from our frontend Upgrading our Frontend to Boostrap 4 Changed our checkout flow so it will generate invoice ids for all transactions (this is progress towards invoice (pdfs), and receipts in a later version) Rewrote our authentication system (this is progress towards allowing multi users per account) Start work on rewriting how we render views (this is progress towards allowing custom domain names) Various security patches to our infrastructure Cloudflare has been enabled across the GPAY network
  8. Hello, I am requesting that we have a toggle within payment gateway options for PayPal that would allow us merchants to accept payments from verified PayPal accounts. I've seen this on another game payment system too! Why? This would decrease the risk of fraud, and lower the chance of charge backs.
  9. Jesse

    A few suggestions

    It looks like I can't edit my post. Anyways, what I what stress the most is adding payment wall, as a priority and then following it by other payment processors that are available.
  10. Hi, I am a frequent user of GPAY. These suggestions below benefit both GPAY and merchants! 1. Coinbase support 2. Paddle.com support (example below), https://gyazo.com/f004c52add456d78d71fb6ffd2c8f95a 3. A refferal system, I know a few merchants that can use this platform. An incentive referral system would motivate us to advertise GPAY with other game owners! 4. Togglable "sold out" option for items. 5. Paysafe card 6. MDV (Modal View Controller): a system that would allow players to purchase a currency such as 500 gems for $10 which they can spend through the GPAY store. The gems can be stored on their "profile." A player profile which could be created using a username or password via GPAY and respective custom store. Note: the more payment options we have, the better. This will drive revenues for both GPAY, and merchants while increasing convenience for shoppers! Thank You, Jesse
  11. The option for a monthly subscription would be nice.
  12. I have to edit the home page, Like if I want to remove the popular products from the main page I cant "http://prntscr.com/qol9vx" and I want to add an a external link and I cant too
  13. I also would like to have all my servers on 1 web page. I would also like the ability to have some of the VIPs sync on multiple servers so I could have a VIP that would work on all servers.
  14. There should be a option on which server the command is ran on***** Wouldnt let me edit out "after purchase"
  15. So, It would be awesome to have the option to add a server onto a existing website/"server" in the "my servers" list, The commands should not run on both servers. There should be a option on which server the command is ran on after purchase. Its just a lot easier for customers so they dont have to go to multiple websites in order to purchase something on another server, They can simply just click the tab of the server of choice buy the kit and it runs on whatever server the command is set to run on.
  16. Hey Guys, We've been receiving reports that some people are having issues where PayPal is automatically refunding users after a payment. This issue doesn't have a simple answer. We've found these things to be the most common causes. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. If you think that you've confirmed that all of the above are not the problem you're facing then please contact us so we can try to get to the bottom of this issue.
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